Over 10 YEARS OF RESEARCH and 5 YEARS OF campaigning
With high dreams and higher drives.
creating nation-wide ripples Since 2014.


What began as an act of standing up towards injustice has today served the needs of thousands of suffering patients, a nation-wide educational drive, multiple organisations conducting research into various products, a growing network of change-makers and also setting up of a knowledge bank for many politicians to make the best use of the plant.

No matter how hard the battle was, GLM has endured through the tough times and has been constantly walking towards becoming the light in many peoples lives across India and also many other parts of the world.


Educational Drive


The exploration of the Cannabis which was initiated in 2009 led to a study of the psyche of cannabis experience for over 6 years. During this time, simultaneously, a parallel study towards the industrial effects on the world and its ecological damages were stumbled upon. In 2014, the journey led towards an accidental meet with a dying cancer patient who was severely suffering from stomach cancer. Experiencing the miraculous effects of Cannabis even on advanced cancers became a trigger to expand and share all of the gained knowledge with the rest of the country. A legalisation movement for medical Cannabis began in November of 2014. The realisation of HEMP as a global solution to most of our Industrial needs was the 2nd pillar of the GLM-foundation. Since then, the organisation took many possible steps to achieve its mission.a




Walk The Talk


A wise man once said, “Seeing is not enough, one must realise; Knowing is not enough, one must apply”.

Journey of GLM over the years has been a constant challenge to REALISE and APPLY amidst all the taboo, and corruption in every thing that it has tried to create for a better and a transformed civilisation.

  • A divine plant lived a million years of evolution to give us everything that we ever need to survive.

  • It gave birth to agriculture, gave birth to healing and gave birth to spirituality.

  • It is called as the plant of visions and a plant of true connections. It was used for over 10,000 years. It is one of our oldest relaxant and also a destroyer of our sufferings.

  • It is suppressed and tabooed.

  • It’s time to EDUCATE THE SOCIETY.

  • The world’s most suppressed plant has the most nutritious seeds, the most medicinal flowers and the strongest fibres in the entire plant kingdom.

  • It has the highest cellulose production and the highest amount of biomass per acre compared to any other plant on earth.


  • It is a trillion dollar crop that can change billions of lives, create job opportunities for millions of people, has thousands of applications in the bio-degradable and eco-conscious sector and can cure hundreds of diseases. All this from a single plant.

  • Why suppress? Why suffer? Why destroy?

  • It’s time to LIBERATE THE PLANT.

  • India is a land of agriculture and over 600 million of its people make their living through agriculture.

  • 89% of India’s population living in the rural society has an opportunity to produce and serve the best raw material for all the products that the society needs, without the use of chemicals, without relying heavily on rains and without fearing crop failure.

  • Over 30 territories and a million acres of land can be seeded with this revolutionary crop.

  • Let’s CULTIVATE THE LANDS and initiate a new economic growth for India.

  • Hemp is the most superior and most economical crop.

  • It can be a new national resource, to be grown and scaled to help produce every product we need in our society.

  • It can help us survive now and protect our future at the same time.

  • The future of the plant is hurdled with over 35 years of taboo, with foreign lobbying by mega-rich national corporations and upcoming greedy entrepreneurs.

  • GLM is here to protect fair-trade and fair-share.

  • GLM has created a public policy framework to set up a nationwide, decentralised and non-monopolised way to REGULATE THE HARVESTS.

  • For over a hundred years, the world’s most medicinal plant has been ridiculed, prohibited, controlled and suppressed across the planet.

  • Today when the plant is finally being liberated again, it is still being controlled by a few in the name of research with controlled and regulated dosing in this synthetic world of pharmaceutical dominance, when the natural ways of simply consuming the plant have worked just fine for millennia.

  • GLM is here to protect and revive the natural methods of using this plant to cure hundred of diseases.

  • In this suffering world, it is important to learn from the past and create the best paradigm to MEDICATE THE PEOPLE.

  • The 20th century was a disaster and failure of industrial dominance, of monopolised corporations in an increasingly greedy capitalistic society that was blind towards the entire ecosystem of this planet.

  • Over 100 years of destruction to our forests, oceans, rivers, land and air needs to stop immediately.

  • In the 21st century, there is a dire need to reverse climate change and the best and the most efficient way to do that is to grow Hemp everywhere and to consume Hemp in every way imaginable.

  • Free the plant,
    Free the minds,
    Free the suffering,
    Free the creation,
    Free the connection.

  • A new world of bio-products, safer medications and ecological harmony is in the making. Let’s free the plant and together RECREATE THE WORLD.


GLM’s Other Organisations


A bold and brave dream set out strategically to create the most holistic approach to answer all the needs of the foundation. These are some of the wings of GLM established over many years to fulfil the Mission and Vision of the cause.


After meeting Rick Simpson, the founder of a special formula of concentrated cannabis oil extracts for curing cancer, V understood the potential of these extracts to heal various diseases. Ever since, GLM has been working progressively & consistently to make Rick’s dream of making available these super high-quality extracts at a very affordable price for patients across the world.


Indian Hemp Research Institute was set up to study the Hemp plant for its Industrial Applications. So far, IHRI is focussing on Hemp Genetics, Horticulture and Product Manufacturing. Fibreboards, paper, textiles, bio-fuels, bio-plastics, construction materials, graphene technology, bio-cosmetics and food and nutritional supplements have been our priority so far.


Indian Hemp Industries is the national farmer wing of the Indian Hemp Research Institute which is a series of small and large scale industries set to manufacture hemp products across the country. This is a work-in-progress with the central government to make HEMP as a national mission to solve many of India’s problems at once through social and community development with HEMP at its very core.


GLM Seed bank is another wing of the organisation with a mission to collect the local varieties of medical cannabis and wild hemp from India and abroad. During its first five years, over 2000 varieties of cannabis indica, cannabis sativa and hemp varieties covering every purpose of cannabis has been collected. The mission is to collect, preserve & further horticultural research.


Medical Cannabis Community of India is a health care wing of the organisation which is archiving the medical research from across the world and enabling the same information to the doctors who are interested in learning more about Cannabis. MCCoI is also working on setting up a world class Canna test lab as an outreach to patients in need of high quality trusted extracts.


Global Canna News is a NEWS wing of the organisation supported by volunteers from across the world who are studying the developments and direction of legalisation across the world. This organisation is also on a mission to create trusted news of legalisation and enable an opinion of the direction of legalisation that every country is undertaking.




The Great Legalisation Movement, India began with a vision to create an alternative solution that the world needs and the country can benefit from. Its visionary organisations are incomplete without the support of the public, upcoming entrepreneurs and the government. So far, the organisation’s commitment to strive to educate is bearing great results in creating a dialogue in India which had forgotten the plant completely for over 34 years. With an attitude to free the plant for the benefits of patients and farmers, the mission and vision of the organisation is a unique and a far stretched idea that will be a decade in action.

By 2019, after ten years of cannabis research, 5 years of patient research, 9 months of legal research, the organisation stepped into the high court of DELHI to free the plant by questioning its prohibition. Like many of the things we have done, this is another first attempt ever in the country to free the plant from a bad, misleading and an unthought ACT of NDPS 1985. Sacred plants deserve no position in the Narcotics and Psychotropic substance list of lethal chemicals.

The organisation is fully committed to deliver the best of legal understanding, educational drive, health solutions, industrial product designs and an economic projection that is simply hard to believe. So far, with many obstacles along the way, we have made it and survived. We will continue to do so until the mission and vision reach fruition.

The organisation’s Global Cannabis Manifesto 2025 is a highly visionary project that will need a great amount of external forces to contribute to succeed. We are inspired to change the world. We are selfless workers doing the work for humanity and our mother earth. We will do everything that is required to free the plant, share the knowledge and help create a world of cannabis products that are good for us and also for the planet.

Healthcare, industrial products, farmer empowerment and ecological protection remain at the core of everything that we have ever done and will continue to be for many years to come.