INdia’s FIrst Cannabis Conference after 30 years of Prohibition

Rick Simpson’s Conference In India


Back in May 2015, when GLM was just 8 months old, GLM managed to setup the first Cannabis Conference in India since 30 years of its prohibition.

For the first time, a pioneering effort was made to gather people from all walks of life under one roof to discuss about the situation of Cannabis in India.The conference's main guest was the Canadian Cannabis legend, Mr. Rick Simpson who rediscovered the healing powers of Cannabis to cure his own cancer and who continued to help thousands of suffering patients in Canada between 1999 to 2007.

He was arrested twice for his movement but he single handedly fought against the Canadian government.

Rick's journey created a world-wide ripple effect of Cannabis discussion. Legalisation movements sprouted across the globe. Empaths were becoming Cannabis activists and healers in many countries. Rick's contribution to the field of cancer, health care and also Cannabis was having a phenomenal effect from the very beginning of the 21st century.

Viki Vaurora, an Indian student studying frequencies in London,UK back in 2011 was also passionately experiencing and studying its psychological effects on mind since 2009. An accidental discovery of Rick's blogs and documentaries etc. created a deep effect and understanding of the true healing powers of cannabis on many severe diseases.

When Viki was back in India, in 2014, he was confronted with a situation where a dying cancer patient was suffering intensely. Following the footsteps of Rick, Viki managed to help the patient out only to re-discover the true powers of Cannabis extracts again. A dying cancer patient, vomiting 18 times a day who hadn't eaten food or slept in 2 months felt fully relieved from all symptoms within 3 days and was also declared cancer free within 3 months.

After he went public with his discoveries, Viki was then connected with stories of thousands of patients in India and how their suffering found no relief with all their money, health care setups, doctors and also government’snational health programs.

All these counselling with patients became the core understandings of the problem. The learnings from it became the core principles of the medical wing of GLM.

After counselling hundreds of patients over the next few months, Viki changed his life's purpose to work for the plant and make it free in India like the way it used to be, before 1985. He started questioning the actions and interests of the government which were violating the fundamental rights of the people and how this prohibition was unconstitutional on many grounds.

After Viki had begun to work with many more suffering patients in 2015, the world brought a connection between Rick Simpson and Viki Vaurora and their mutual interests to free Cannabis and help suffering patients led to visionary plans immediately. They both would soon venture to create a mass medical Cannabis education movement in India.

The Great Legalisation Movement, India sent out an open invitation in April 2015 to all the doctors, oncologists, health specialists, journalists, lawyers, patients, caretakers and general public to be a part of this cosmic happening and come learn from the man himself and get direct insights of his research and discoveries.

What happened then was a shining moment for our sacred plant in its Indian journey.


The seeds sown 4 years ago have now sprouted into nationwide discussions & awareness on Cannabis.

The mission of GLM still continues, till the plant is liberated.
Stay connected for the next bigger happenings.