It has been 33 years since the government of India prohibited this magnificent plant and we feel highly responsible to investigate and re-educate a billion people who is brainwashed about the real facts of Cannabis.

While the rest of the world has advanced into the grow techniques, medical research and industrial applications, India is still stuck with the taboo and most of us don't understand the basics yet.

So, feel free to educate yourself and share this knowledge with everyone around you.

Cannabis 101

About Cannabis
About Different Strains
Health Benefits
Industrial Applications
Environmental Benefits



GLM's Collection of
Cannabis Documentaries
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BLOG 365

BLOG365 was an attempt to write everything about Cannabis, from its history to the future, morality to legality, medicinal uses to industrial applications etc.
One blog a day. For 365 days.

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Tree of Life

A user interactive web application
to make cannabis education fun...

Learn about how cannabis helps to re create the world as we know it..