UK aims higher as cannabis dealers begin prescribing "weed" to treat illnesses

UK cannabis dealers are now giving their customers ‘medical advice’ and prescribing different cannabis strains for various ailments.

A Birmingham based 28 years old cannabis producer and dealer told that he has been giving out medical advice since the spring. Dealers also believe it is only a matter of time before the Government follows America and legalises cannabis and are preparing for that eventuality.

A veteran Midlands drug dealer, aged 55, said: ‘I was telling everyone about cannabis being good for you and being medicinal years ago but was written off as a hippy by other dealers but now the whole world is waking up to medical marijuana. I was selling cannabis to a fella with Multiple Sclerosis back in the 1990s so this nothing new.

Since the cannabis was legalised in several states across America the corporate cannabis companies have created new strains of the drug and made the entire process more professional.

Cannabis plants are now being grown in ‘crop houses’ across the country. The American Gorilla Glue skunk is now one of the most popular cannabis strains in Britain.