Cannabis producers suggest private retailers over the government for selling pot. Say that government should rely on the expertise of the cannabis producers.


On Thursday, a day after the Alberta government unveiled its cannabis framework for when new laws legalizing recreational cannabis come into effect, a group of 12 medical cannabis producers has come forward with a plan that they say will take some of the pressure off the province.

Karasiuk said the group’s 12 co-op members have “robust” e-commerce platforms already in place and are operating in a highly regulated medical cannabis market.

On Wednesday, the province said it hadn’t decided whether to sell cannabis through government-run stores or private operators.

“Coming together as a group [and] providing a rich diversity of product … is only going to further the odds of that happening.”

But Karasiuk suggested the government should lean on the expertise of medical cannabis producers.

He said the members created a cannabis co-op because they believe an e-commerce platform is necessary to ensure all Albertans have access to safe cannabis and to keep them from turning to black market dealers.