A perfect cure for Epilepsy, Denied!


January 30, 2017


1 out of 200 people in India is affected by Epilepsy.

With the invasion of vaccination in our lives, these numbers are only rising. And over 95% of the Epileptic patients in India don't receive any medication at all. The ones who still do receive medications are only hooked to pharmaceutical drugs without a complete cure or relief.

While the prescription drugs can only hamper the brain cells and the body muscles, which is going to have a destructive effect to the body while causing severe chemical addiction on cellular level. A banned medicinal plant such as 'Cannabis' can be a perfect cure to many of these suffering patients. But how can the patients heal if a wonderful miraculous plant like cannabis is still prohibited. 

It's high time that India changes its laws and cares for its own citizens and suffering patients by allowing them to use cannabis oil through regulated medical counters or letting them to grow it by themselves. 

Above is a small snippet from a documentary called "the Culture High" which has captured an inspiring story of a young father who went against all odds to heal his son suffering from severe seizures since he was a young boy and how the compounds of the cannabis plant helped him to heal completely.