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The Two Worlds That We Can Create


January 28, 2017


What if the future of the world lies in just one plant?

  • Are we humans living in harmony with our only home?

  • Have we created a perfect system for all of our needs?

  • Have the big corporations and the ruling elites limited our options to a large extent?

  • Does the government really care for the people and its environment?

  • Do we even get to declare plants illegal?

  • Does this prohibition make any sense?

Especially when our elected officials who are supposed to take care of everyone in the nation, goes ahead and declares a prohibition on one of the most ancient, holy, medicinal and a spiritual plant, which could easily provide all of the most essential needs of humans such as Food, Medicine, Shelter, Energy, Clothes etc.

It is clear that the way we have done things so far simply does not work. The planet is broken and in desperate need of healing. Our generation has put off the idea of having children because we have not left them a world that is worth inheriting. And yet, all hope is not lost. 

We still have the chance to turn this around and leave the future generations a world that is infinitely better than what we inherited from our ancestors, a world that is reconnected with an ancient 10,000 year old wisdom and operates in perfect balance with nature.

The key to this lies in the cannabis plant. And the key to achieving this greener future lies in our hands. No one else.

In short, there are only two possible worlds we can create,

1 . A world where the planet flourishes with hemp


which will be one of the greatest achievements of our modern civilisation if we can all switch to a  environmentally friendly,  non-toxic & low energy production,  easily recyclable and biodegradable products for all of our needs. And hemp does the exact same thing. There is no other better solution to our global industrial problems than Hemp.

Hemp can make Bio-Fuel, Bio-Cement, Bio-Plastics, Fibreboards, Papers, Textiles, Cosmetics, Graphene, etc. It can produce the most nutritious foods that our body needs. High grade medical cannabis holds great medicinal values since the world has just begun to explore the real cures for hundreds of incurable diseases and cannabis seems to control the growth of these diseases and in many cases, it has helped thousands of people in curing their condition completely. 

And the fact that it’s a herbal medicine, would help skip the nasty phase of ANIMAL TESTING in the world of pharmaceuticals, which in itself is a highly immoral and a degrading act towards our fellow earthlings. 

It is the most efficient crop to replace all of our products of consumption. The plant grows everywhere; from the cold Himalayan mountains to a hot desert in Africa. It requires no chemicals to grow and very less energy to produce a product, also ensuring zero production waste at the same time.

This one plant holds the solution to everything.
The same plant which our ancestors used. 
The same plant which the humans started their agriculture upon. 
The same plant which which was the food of our gods.
The same plant which was responsible for the first paper.
The same plant which produced the strongest fibre ropes for our ships, which helped in exploring, trading and globalisation which in-turn is largely responsible for the modern world that we live in.


The same plant which also happens to be a massive threat to many of the existing multi billion dollar industries and corporations that we are all feeding off.

If only, we can stop doing the things that we are doing, stop consuming the things that are destroying our planet, understand where our products are coming from, understand the consequences of using these toxic products & envision the disaster it could lead to if we all were to continue to remain a part of these toxic industries on a global scale. 

Can we collectively stop this mad machine?
Can all the environmental activists wake up?

The last three generations on this planet, which evolved the the world of industrialisation has poisoned the planet, its sources and all of its fellow earthlings.

It's time to TURN ON a
greener industrial revolution.

If anyone has the power to make this vision to come true, it’s Us.
If this change is not made, in case, we will end up creating a different future for ourselves, let’s consider . .


2 . A planet without Hemp


We can continue to live like the way we do now.

We can cut down our precious forests to support our needs of paper, wood and furniture and destroy the natural chain of weather, climate and evolution of millions of species of fauna and flora.

We can unearth all the million-year-old-carbon-deposits from the planet and burn it as fuel and re-introduce these carbons into our atmosphere and poison our air on a global scale.

We can create poisonous plastics from petroleum waste, which is highly inefficient in recycling, which is completely non biodegradable and extremely toxic to water and soil when disposed and poisons the air when burnt.

We can continue to use cotton which depletes all the water sources, which requires a lot of chemicals to grow and further poisons the soil and the underground water. 

We can continue to use cement for construction which requires high amounts of energy to produce, poisons the water bodies, destroys the soil and makes it completely inhospitable in and around its production units. 

We can continue to spend a lot of energy to transport goods from one part of the planet to another and support the highly centralised and monopolised corrupted corporations rather than creating millions of Hemp production units in a decentralised fashion. 

We can continue to make synthetic medicines which does not hold any real cure, which produces a lot of production waste which is responsible for destroying the water bodies, soils and also poisoning the people around its facilities, and keep on continuing to support the industries which follow immoral conducts such as testing it on animals, who are in most cases, locked up throughout its lives.

If any of the above methodologies bother you. then you know the solution to it already. If you are not one of those people who would like to take things like the way they are, and who craves for a positive shift across the planet, then come onboard. Together we can help create a better world.


Hemp is not ‘dangerous’
and it is not a ‘drug’

For millennia both medicinal cannabis and industrial hemp has been a sacred, life-giving plant, and it is only dangerous to the Big Oil, the Big Pharma, the cotton, paper, cement and other nature-destroying industries which would go bust if hemp became legal all across the world.

Please stay with us on this journey and let’s work together to make legalisation a reality in India.
May the year 2017 be the year of hemp.

CHANGE is a powerful idea, and so is the UNITY of masses around the globe. The world needs both as one cannot be achieved without the other.

In the coming days and weeks ahead, we will explore a lot of topics in greater detail.
So watch this space, EVERYDAY.

Together, let's design a better future