A Direct Message to the Parliament of India

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We are just a day away from
26th JAN 2017.
We, as a nation is about to celebrate our 68th year of being
a Republic Nation.

Tomorrow, India will celebrate being the largest democracy in the entire world.

After our struggling independence from the British rule, 
Some of the greatest thinkers of this nation
gathered together and wrote one of the most
well studied, analysed and a successful constitution ever. 

Constitution defines the fundamental principles of a nation
to which the governing bodies must respectfully follow to ensure
equality and fundamental rights to its citizens.

Constitution is the supreme law of the nation.
Above all of the political parties. 
Above all of the religions.
Above all people.

While India celebrates its republic day tomorrow as a mark of respect towards its constitution,
We would like to bring a notice to the leaders of this nation about
one of the most unconstitutional law
that affects the lives of everyone in this country. 

Has the recent governments
and the laws that it has made and enacted (sometimes very harshly); 
is in line with the framework of our constitution? 

Great Legalisation Movement - India, is a non-profit organisation which is fighting to protect billions of lives at stake
millions of people who are already suffering.

In 1985, our government took the privilege to enact a harsh law into the lives of its citizens. 

Cannabis, also known as Gaanja or Bhaang
has been classified as a Schedule 1 drug,
which was done without any consent from the
medical experts, general public, religious sects or the spiritual leaders.
The use of Cannabis/Gaanja/Bhaang is as old as India is. 

Prohibiting an Ancient, Holy, Medical plant has weakened our Ayurvedic medicine; 
and has also resulted in an invasion of a western medical system, which is monopolised,
has extremely bad side-effects from its drug use,
and little to no cure for many of the diseases
which cannabis can help heal. 

Adding Cannabis to the NDPS act of 1985 has removed the plant from our ancient medical systems such as
Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani.

This plant has the ability to cure and control hundreds of diseases.

Despite the known scientific evidences and
wealth of historic importance,
the government of 1985 has overlooked
all the facts and statistics and prohibited a Plant,
which is given to us by nature,
which causes no harm to anyone
and can only make one healthy
on the mind, body and the spirit
and has the ability to make one healthier for their entire lifetime. 

This Prohibition towards a Medical plant,
is an Highly Unconstitutional behaviour by
the Government of India.

Every government has enacted this meaningless law since 1985. 
Thousands of citizens have been
Arrested (Non-Bailable), 
many of them have suffered and died without the proper medication when needed.

Since no one questioned or challenged this before,
we really can't blame the current government about the
actions done by its previous governments. 

We can only request
Shri Narendra Modi
and all his members of the parliament in a peaceful manner
to answer the following issues immediately! 

  • Decriminalise the Use of Cannabis Immediately
    • Nationwide and at the Central Level for
      • Personal use
      • Medical use
      • Home Cultivation
      • Regulated large scale cultivation to a few Medical Organisations who has the right to do it.
      • Trade of Cannabis and its products
  • Legalise Cannabis Hemp Cultivation Immediately
    • Cannabis Hemp can efficiently replace over 50,000 products. These industrialised products that we are currently consuming, leaves a toxic trace in our environment while manufacturing it. 
    • By switching to hemp based products, The government will allow its people to setup green industries across the nation.
    • Which ensures that everyone still gets what they need,
      • But from a plant source,
      • which won't require harsh production or processing,
      • which won't leave a toxic trace in our environment
      • which indirectly makes this a safe place to live in. 

  • Cannabis has been used as a medicine by Humans for eternity, and it has been documented in our 3500 year old Ayurvedic scripture.
    • A medical script that we all worship and hold high values towards our traditional roots.
  • Cannabis can Cure and Control hundreds of diseases
    • By prohibiting it, you are stopping the access for those people who needs it,
      • to explore cures or
      • heal themselves or
      • heal others.
        Prohibition also inhibits further medical research into these miraculous plants which is not progressive for a developing nation. 
  • Cannabis Hemp, can solve all the issues that India is suffering from. 
    • poor farmers
    • failed crops
    • bad practices in agriculture (using lots of chemicals to grow)
      • which poisons our underground water
      • and poisons our soils
    • unemployment
    • poverty
    • malnutrition
    • toxic industries
    • diminishing water resources
    • destruction to forests and wildlife etc

  • Gaanja / Bhaang is celebrated through out our history in so many cultures and religions.
    • Calling a holy plant as a bad narcotic drug, is shameful.
    • Especially when the govt has biased rules where
      • One can get arrested for growing or consuming it.
      • While the govt has licensed bhaang shops across the country to distribute it. 
      • and the govt allows it to be used freely
        • in certain places
        • by certain cults and
        • during certain occasions.
  • Everyone has the right to do what they like.
    • provided they don't harm anyone or no other being.
    • And consuming cannabis (gaanja) doesn't do neither of it.
  • This prohibition is a shame towards
    • Our Vedas
    • Our Ayurveda
    • Our Culture
    • Our Religions
    • Our Spiritual Practices and
    • Our Constitution
  • This law is unconstitutional towards the following fundamental rights of every citizen in this country. 
    • Right to Life
    • Right to Religion
    • Right to Freedom
    • Right against Exploitation
    • Right to Culture and
    • Right to Education (Education is much more than facts and statistics and more infinite than the boundaries of the school)
  • Does the government have the power to declare plants illegal? 
    • Plants belong to Nature
    • No Government has the right to declare Nature Illegal. 
    • Especially the
      • one which has hundreds of medical benefits. 
      • which can fulfil all the basic needs of man
        • Food, Clothes, shelter, medicine and energy.
      • one which can be so harmless
      • one which has spiritual powers
      • one which is so deeply rooted into our history, culture and some of our religions. 

To conclude...

  • There has been an inexcusable act of government towards its citizens by enacting this law
    • Please remove the Cannabis plant from Schedule 1 drug Immediately. 
      • Schedule one drug means it has no medical values. 
        • By whose consent did the 1985 govt term cannabis as a schedule 1 drug in the NDPS act of 1985? 
    • Decriminalise the use of Gaanja immediately.
    • Allow People to grow, use and trade it if they need it. 
    • Create a Regulated model for medical research.
    • Allow and make it mandatory for every farmer to grow hemp for one season.
    • Let this opportunity of legalisation be a boon to the Indian Environment, Medicines and Economy by following
      • GLM's Model for Cannabis and Hemp Regulation (coming soon...) 

We are here to help

plac cards-27 2.png

Our dedication lies towards

Educating the Government.

Creating a nation wide Social-Entrepreneurs.

Creating a Sustainable, decentralised model for Green Industrialisation.

Helping over 600 million farmers in this nation.

Helping millions of doctors in this country
with access to better medicines.

And CREATE lots of cures for various diseases
to almost a billion people, if ever they need it.

(More details on all of the above in our upcoming blogs)

We cannot undo the damage done
to this nation,
our environment, 
millions of people
who have suffered and died without access to the real medicine.

We can only stop this madness
by changing a law which is highly unconstitutional


The message that we intended was..

"Together, let's create a better India" 
Parliament of India, New Delhi