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The Beginning Of A Legalisation Movement
(In A Nutshell)


January 26, 2017


When i was young, i was told a lot of beautiful stories about what INDIA once used to be like. I and everyone in my school was fed with seeds of patriotism along with ancient wisdom, tradition and culture that many of us still carry around deep inside our heart. 

I had to grow up to see India being sold to the world as 'INCREDIBLE INDIA'. The land of amazing culture, tradition and god's magnificent creation. It didn't affect me much at that time. (Thanks to the soothing catchy music that they added
to all those tourism videos)

I'm a bit older now, seen the world, travelled a lot of places, absorbed a lot of cultures, understood our system, 
witnessed our corruption, questioned our ignorance, saw the fears in thousands of eyes, heard their sorrows, felt their suffering and have on many occasions stood completely stupefied and helpless. 

Out of all the things that i felt was a great misuse of power in our society, Just one thing has bothered me the most. It is the act of Injustice.  Of many forms and in different sects of our society. Humans, who believe that they have the authority to control or limit others lives for their sake of monetary benefits or other personal egoistic victories.

When i was 11 years old, i lost my grandmother. That unconditional love and affection was stripped away from my life.
I was told that she was suffering from blood cancer and there was no treatment for that.  She was taken care of in a small hospital in a city where we visited her frequently. The doctors were completely helpless and it wasn't long before she gave up and faded away. 

Her death didn't affect me much at that time, and nor does it now. I've grown up to see the injustice in the medical world and the pain of being struck in a corrupted health care system kept growing as i learnt more and more stories from different people.

I was introduced to CANNABIS when i was 19, by a musician friend of mine. Those years were one of the darkest phases of my life. I didn't like the effects of gaanja, the first time i used it, because i had used too much of it, unknowingly. And i never tried it again for a year or more.

I was re-introduced to cannabis when i was in Singapore. With the right dosing, starting off slowly, i saw that it was a beautiful thing for my mind. I felt a lot better. After i continued to use it frequently,  My dark days seemed to be going away. I was able to heal myself by looking at every problem of my life in a different way. Thats all the plant did. Gave me perspectives that i never had before. And i was able to break from repetetive thought patterns which many of them call as Depression. After my education in Singapore, when i was back to india for a short while, i was a happy little guy again.

This time, I started exploring the plant more. I was definitely more creative and more productive than i was ever before. It made me more caring and affectionate towards everything around me. I fell in love with the effects and the teachings of the plant. I drowned in comfort with it by my side.  I used it to explore layers and layers of my own personality and also the reality of the world around me.

A year later, during the peak of my journey on cannabis, i was studying in London. Most of my days, i used to spend my 5am in London parks, meditating under a tree at really cold temperatures with no protection from cold, just a thin hoodie. I was smoking so much, that i never felt sick even for a single day, even though i was cycling back from my school's recording studio at 3 am at 1 deg temp with just a tee-shirt and torn denims and a torn sneakers, while it was drizzling with a cross breeze of 15kmph.

I used to come home in a frozen body but NEVER suffered from cold or sinus. Not a single day.

Now that little act of taming with cold weather is something that could give anyone horrible issues. But the plant was keeping me healthy even in the worst of situations; both mentally and physically. I had peaked on extremely high states of consciousness while on cannabis. All good things come to an end, of course. After achieving it or accidentally stumbling into a very powerful spiritual realm,  there came a time, where i didn't need to use it at all. 

I quit smoking cannabis for the next 2 years or so. I didn't need it any longer. Had shaanthi inside and a peaceful outlook on life. I lived like a sadhu but was struck in society while my heart wandered the himalayan mountains everyday.

Unknowingly, i was staying away from all the desires possible. Food, Money, Comfort, Sex, Love etc. I had turned into a fearless guy who advocated to take life as it comes. Never fight or Never run back.

I was 22 by that time and it was the year 2012. One of the most important things that happened to me other than understanding how beautiful cannabis was, is that i had learnt about the medical benefits of the plant on the internet. I dove right into it and started understanding the miraculous abilities of the plant. People were getting cured from the most horrible diseases all across the world. Revolution was taking place everywhere and people were fighting for their basic rights.

Many scientists and doctors had begun to explore all the benefits of the plant. Many entrepreneurs had started their green movement by replacing basic needs of humans using plant sources. And when i tried to speak about the issue here in India,
no one seemed to care or take necessary steps to change this; Doctors, Ministers, Parents, Elder people or the Younger ones. Even the stoners couldn't believe the miraculous medical and industrial benefits of the plant,  but they all agreed that the government should decriminalise for the general public - a stoner's biggest concern of course.

In 2014, When i was visiting my sister, an Ayurvedic doctor, in a tiny village of Karnataka, i had my first meet with a dying cancer patient. I told her to use gaanja oil and it would cure her stomach cancer completely.  The patient, Leela, and her husband Raja ignored at the beginning, but few more weeks later, they came back to seek my help because the doctor had sent them home because they couldn't heal or treat her. 


Time To Act

I could have gone to jail for 10 years for procuring the flowers of the plant. All for trying to heal a dying patient.  I did it anyway. Often sang the Incredible India tune, while doing all of these things! How did India come to this state where they had tried to demolish their own medical system. 

The west robbed us and left us poor. They manipulated our minds and destroyed our original culture and tradition. They destroyed our ancient knowledge and invaded our education system. And finally, they, the rulers of the west have forced us into a prohibition of a plant and weakened our ancient medical system.

But i was extremely determined to stand up against this injustice. I made the oil from cannabis and helped Leela.

All those years of smoking gaanja helped me to select the right strains with the right effects on the mind and produce the medicine from it according to Rick Simpson's protocol, the founder of healing properties of the cannabis plant for cancer treatment

Leela, went on to take the medicine for about three months and was cured completely by taking nothing but the cannabis oil.
Multiple reports showed no traces of tumour.

All those years of knowing the medical benefits of the plant was no longer just an Internet Story. It became a real life experience by watching someone cure completely by taking the plant extracts. 

Without thinking twice, I put it all up on Facebook to inform hundreds of people that i had told, that there was a dying woman who was throwing up like 20 times in a day because the tumours had obstructed her digestive track and just after three days of taking the gaanja oil, she stopped vomiting completely and had started eating 3 meals a day again. That Facebook post that was supposed to reach just my friends on my list, went viral for days and i became an inbox to thousands of miseries and sad stories of people suffering from cancer all over the country. 

Everyone was more desperate than the other to protect their mother, father, wife, kids, infant babies, grandparents, cousins and friends. And most of them knew nothing about the plant. Or what it looks like, how to select the right strains or how to make the medicine. They all carried a bad notion that this was a bad drug and they never knew that cannabis was an ancient medicinal and a holy plant in india.

But everyone had the same request. "Save my loved one.." And in most cases, their situations had worsened after taking chemo or radiation. Almost all the patients were more injured, had stopped eating, sleeping and everyone was in deep pain that even morphine couldn't fix.

What kind of a new injustice had i just begun to explore. What to do? Time to ACT again.  and this time, i did even more fearlessly, unintentionally and for all the right moral reasons.

When it was time to make one more batch of medicine for Leela and many of the other patients, and to my disappointment,
i never found a good strain or rather any good medical grade cannabis for the next 2 months. 

Leela's medicine was discontinued and all her symptoms started coming back when she had no more of the gaanja oil to keep her healthy.  Though her reports showed a positive sign and had declared her cancer free, leela still passed away after 4 months of battling, from the time that she was cured. 

No availability of Good Medicine. No availability of Chemical-Free Food.

Who’s responsible? Lawmakers, of course. No one else.

I felt like i had found a miracle and lost it in vain in front of my own eyes. I realised the side effects of the conventional treatment, our issues in agricultural & farming and the bad diet that was indirectly responsible for her death. She left 2 of her sons who were about 16 and 15 at that time. 

The pain of not having the perfect health care system started to grow more and more as i began to communicate with hundreds of cancer patients in this country from that time onwards. And to this day, i've handled and witnessed over 600 terminally ill cancer patients who have all been sent home because the chemo or radiation never worked for them. These numbers are just a small spec compared to the number of cancer patients who are suffering all over the country and the world. I've personally witnessed medical miracles that some of the doctors would easily call it fake and throw them aside. 

Some of the best results of the patients i helped are unbelievable.  

  • A lung cancer patient shrunk his 10 cm tumour to 1cm.

  • A brain cancer patient shrunk his aggressive stage 4 brain tumour from 8cms to 4cms.

  • Bone cancer drops by almost 1000% in 3 months.

  • A liver cancer patient recovered with all the enzymes coming back to normal state and the tumour wasn't growing anymore.

  • Leukemia patient recovered completely.

  • Almost every brain cancer patient who takes the oil experiences that the tumour would stop growing immediately after carefully guiding them to higher doses.

  • A Severe Arthritis patient who was going through the worst pains got cured completely after taking the oil for 3 months.

  • An oral cancer patient who had a hole in his face and no painkillers which was easing his pains, would sleep like a baby after taking the cannabis oil from the very first day.

  • All the cancers that are growing outside the body would fall off immediately after the topical application of the oil.

  • Lung cancer patients would cough and throw out the tumours that would break inside the lungs after smoking cannabis.

  • Severe lung cancer patients would stop a bad pleural effusions in a matter of few days after carefully taking them to higher doses.

  • Severe chronic lung cancer would go away in a matter of few days of smoking raw cannabis flowers.

  • Patients who have tumours in their intestines or rectums would experience a breakage of tumour and excrete it. 

  • Chronic Skin infections will disappear over topical application. 

  • ALS patient who was paralysed for over 2 years starts moving his hands for the first time again, after 2 months of micro dosing the cannabis oil

  • Diabetes was completely cured, to a point where the patient threw away external insulin support and was maintaining a normal sugar level just on the oil. 

  • Blood pressure was neutralised without any external medicines.

  • Severe Mental disorders were under control. 

  • Epileptic seizures would disappear in no time.

  • Autistic children would show significant improvement in behaviour, social skills and concentration to listen and react.

And most importantly, the medicine: the cannabis oil or the Gaanja oil or the Rick Simpson oil, however one chooses to call it, works and has worked on all the patients from a 9 month old baby to a 96 year old lady without causing any bad side effects and helps in controlling the disease or cure it completely provided they don't poison themselves with synthetic and toxic treatments. 

Now why on earth would a miraculous healing plant which can produce unbelievable results like these and much more, 
be mocked at and taken away from the society?

Why should anyone be sent to jail for 10 YEARS for growing, transporting or using a plant? 

The job of the government is to make sure, they take care of the citizens.. If so, why would a perfect health system be denied to millions of people?

And let our own people to suffer and die? Our own mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, kids and also loved pets be denied access to a perfect cure. "Incredible India" Anyone?

I realise that we are living in a poisonous toxic world. I realise that one day, the cancer is going to hit my life again.  But how helpless would i be if i don't have a perfect cure to heal my own loved one? How helpless would you be if it ever happens to you? They say prevention is better than the cure. 

Don't you want to change this for yourself or your loved one?
Have you ever experienced true pain? 
Have you ever felt sleepless?
Have you ever felt no hunger loss?
Have you ever felt severe Nausea?
Now, can you imagine being helplessly stuck in those states for months or even years?

This is what a cancer patient would go through. 

Their suffering is an act of our government's ignorance!
Their suffering is an act of our doctor's Negligence!
Their continued suffering will only be an act of our cowardliness!

Using cannabis in our daily lives would just help us to remain healthy.

Let's free the plant. 
Let's use it.

Let's create a health care system where
Cures are more important than Money.
Let’s design a better future.

There are millions of people who have been affected by this law. We have personally seen hundreds of cancer patients suffer and die because the cure has been hidden or locked away. As a result of which, i'm requesting everyone who has suffered from cancer, who has lost their loved one or who are afraid of not having a cure when you need one,  to become the movement! 

Hopefully, this won't be a hard battle, and those in power will see and understand the reality of things and help create a better world for you. All you can do, is Speak up!  You have been given a fundamental right to do that. Use it while it lasts. 

And yes, 
Happy Republic Day. 

And hopefully, over the next 365 days, the movement would grow and achieve what it believes in, and help legalise this plant by the next Republic day in Jan 26th 2018.

If it ever happens like the way we have envisioned, i can finally continue to believe that it is not an Unconstitutional India; it is indeed an Incredible India.