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Rick Simpson @ Bengaluru

In the year 2015, the stars had aligned itself for the GLM Community.
For, we were able to connect to one of the living legends of the cannabis world. 

Rick Simpson, the man who discovered the true healing powers
of the plant with his
high concentrated cannabis oil extract,
has become responsible for curing cancer
and many other terminal and chronic conditions
in thousands of suffering lives. 
 The world calls it today as the "RICK SIMPSON OIL'. 

And we are proud to have brought this medicine man
to our own land to educate our people
about the greatest medicinal plant on earth.
This great adventure took the first step towards our legalisation and
creating a possibility to bring the plant back to our Ayurvedic domain. 


Rick Simpson's Wake Up Call

In June 2015, after someone SHUT DOWN our event at Jai Hind College, MUMBAI,
by threatening the college to call off the venue for us,
we did not feel like shutting up. 

We started working towards a documentary of RICK's opinion
about our situation and also the current Health Care System of the world. 

"If they want to stop us from speaking to 500 people,
lets turn around and speak to 500 thousand of them...."



Viki Vaurora from the Great Legalisation Movement - India,
shares his story of curing a cancer patient using Cannabis oil.

4. Voices of India


Let the Nation Speak

In 2016, GLM sent a message to the nation to see if they wanted to speak up.
To our surprise, a large number of people broke the silence against this corruption.
These young visionaries wants to set the future right by standing up against the injustice. 
Its just the beginning..

6. MEET #1

March To Legalisation

The Great Legalisation Movement, India
is people's organisation for freeing the cannabis plant.

On Dec 17th 2017,
people of india gathered up in 8 cities to speak up
about the needs for legalisation. This is how it went down in Bangalore..

7. An open Letter to
Shri. Narendra Modi




8. Meet #2

16 Cities

On Jan 21st 2018, The legalisation force grew to 16 cities across India. 

This people led movement is growing and
its only a matter of time before we collectively free our sacred plant.

Our special guest @ Bangalore, Supreme Court Advocate Mr. K.V. Dhananjay
announced that he would lead the Legalisation
to the judiciary and get it decriminalised immediately across India.