'Legend of 420' is out. It documents cannabis' rise to legitimacy.


Weed, pot, marijuana, mary jane, ganja, the devil’s lettuce, cannabis — whatever you call it, the wacky tobbacky’s come a long way from “Reefer Madness,” blooming into a massive industry and legitimate cultural phenomenon. The documentary “The Legend of 420” chronicles the current landscape of cannabis, from its medicinal uses to art to fine dining and beyond.

Directed by Peter Spirer, “The Legend of 420” has an enthusiastic, shaggy-dog sensibility, touting the many wonderful uses and benefits of cannabis, while occasionally touching down on the historically harsh, often racist enforcement of drug laws in the U.S., and the potential pitfalls for the federal legalization of recreational cannabis to be found in the Trump administration.

It’s a bit like having a conversation with a stoner: excited if a bit unfocused. Every now and then it unearths a profound and interesting gem, such as the ways in which cannabis can assist opioid addicts, or that the drug laws in liberal states have been bankrolled by wealthy potheads, but then it skitters off to another topic. The film is loosely strung together by a series of cannabis-themed stand-up comedy sets, as well as the journey of a dreadlocked delivery dude making a run from Humboldt to Los Angeles.

“The Legend of 420” captures a zeitgeist, but with so many facets to explore in this survey of contemporary American pot culture, it only scratches the surface.

But be prepared with munchies and good weed to smoke while you watch this.

Here is the trailer of the documentary. 


A new docu-series is out. 'growing wild' puts some more light on cannabis


For three year, Cannador has created a name for itself in the cannabis industry as the home ofhigh-end storage products and accessories for the cannabis enthusiast. But on Tuesday, the company has a new line for the cannabis lover: A mini docu-series showcasing the industry as it expands from coast to coast.

Growing Wild, is an ambitious new YouTube series produced and reported by Zane Witzel, CEO and founder of Cannador. For Witzel, a successful entrepreneur, is also a self-described “true believer in the benefits of cannabis.” The Growing Wild series, Witzel says, will help spread the word.

“My goal is to discover, learn and share” the stories of those on the front line of the cannabis industry. Growing Wild promises to showcase cultivators and culture in recreationally legal states across America. The first episode focuses on the Portland scene, which is growing rapidly since it was legalized in 2014.

“I wanted to create something that would help shed light on the culture and cultivation of cannabis in recreational states because there’s a very apparent disconnect between the science and social consensus of cannabis legalization. Traditionally, one follows the other, but our government is having difficulty pushing past the irrational scheduling of cannabis that was made almost 50 years ago,”
- Witzel in an interview with @dailymarijuanaobserver

The 45-minute Episode One includes interviews with some of the movers and shakers of Portland’s cannabis industry. The conversations take interesting and educational turns as the entrepreneurs discuss the challenges of the nascent market segment.

For Witzel, the film project is about educating the masses and dispelling myths. He also hopes to use the platform as a creative way to connect the industry to Americans who may not understand the benefits of cannabis.

Episode One of Growing Wild features Hifi Farms, Phylos Bioscience, Farma, Cultivation Classic, Serra, Division Wine Bar. Witzel interviews Mowgli Holmes, Samantha Montanaro, Lee Henderson, Sara Batterby, Richard Vinal, Mason Walker, Jeremy Sackett &  Emma Chasen.

The first episode is available, below.