Hear Andy's story. A journey from an ADHD patient to a successful Gardner. thanks to cannabis.


When Andy McConville suffered a mental health crisis he realised he could put his green fingers to better use.

Andy McConville has landed his dream job - and he owes it all to the fact he used to be a cannabis farmer.

The 34-year-old horticultural specialist spent a decade growing weed for his own use at home.

It was only when he suffered a mental health crisis about three years ago that he realised he could put his green fingers to better use.

He initially began smoking cannabis to help him cope with the symptoms of what he now knows is ADHD.

But after a while his drug use began to take its toll.

Andy estimates that he’s had between 250 to 280 jobs since he left school at the age of 15. He got his first job working for a plasterboard company, and has had scores of trade jobs ever since, from being a plumber, to joiner, fork lift driver to warehouse assistant. He’s also worked at an ice cream factory, which he said was great for getting free choc ices for lunch, and has been employed as a dog walker.

Following his diagnosis Andy, who grew up in Tameside, decided to put his gardening skills to good use.

“He asked me what I enjoyed doing most and I said ‘growing’. It was a weird thing, I stumbled on it myself, but I knew straight away that’s where I found peace.”

He enrolled on a horticultural course at Hopwood Hall College in Rochdale, and began volunteering at a community allotment run by homeless charity Petrus in the town.

And he now works at Todmorden Incredible Aqua Garden - a state-of-the-art hydroponics, aquaponics and permaculture garden centre.

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