Snack sales light up for McDonalds and Taco Bell after the legalisation of Ganja


McDonald's is experiencing a feeding frenzy thanks to lots of people in legal pot states suddenly having the munchies.  

A joint study by Consumer Research Around Cannabis and Green Market Report found that 43 percent of people who bought recreational marijuana in the last four weeks chose McDonald’s as their go-to fast food spot. Another 18.3 percent went to Taco Bell, 17.8 percent went to Wendy’s and 17.6 went to Burger King.

The study looked at Denver; Las Vegas; Washington, D.C.; Sacramento, California; and Portland, Oregon—all of which have legalized the wacky tobaccy.

Serge Chistov, a financial adviser for Honest Marijuana in Colorado, said the behaviors were nothing new, but now easier to study and learn about as people smoke in an “organized, taxable, clean environment.”

He thinks other industries, such as video games and home shopping, could see a boom with legalization. But even in Colorado, which has led the charge on marijuana industry innovation, the effects are somewhat limited by the restrictions on public smoking.