Cannabis 101


There are 2 varieties of the plant

Industrial Hemp
Medical Cannabis 

Industrial Hemp

Hemp is the name for the Industrial grade of Cannabis.
Cannabis is also called as hemp when it contains
less than 0.5% THC in it, which makes it useless
for what the plant is very famous for;
the conscious shift. 

However, its strong fibres and generous seed production
makes it one of the most advanced industrial crop in the world.
Hemp is refined into products such as
paper, textiles, plastics, construction materials and bio-fuels
of the highest order. 

Medical Cannabis

The Medicinal version of the plant,
generally termed as Cannabis
(and also infamously known as Marijuana or Gaanja),
often produces a lot of THC in it.
When this compound/molecule mixes with the cannabinoid receptors
which are found in our body,
It delivers an unusual experience which our minds
tends to 'like and crave' or 'fear and loath'. 

This variety of the plant which is used for its medicinal effects
is referred to as Bhaang, Gaanja, Marijuana etc. 

Its mind-altering effects has become a popular
human lifestyle across the world and people
love to burn the dried flowers from the plant
and inhale the smokes it produces which contains
the vaporised medicinal compounds.
This can create various kinds of experiences which can
result in being stress-free/relaxed or having a
burst of high energy and maybe a euphoric overload in the mind.
It all depends on
the strain of the plant,
the dosage taken
the tolerance of that user to that experience.

Different Strains of Medical Cannabis


Indica grows short and bushy.
It delivers a relaxing & calm effect on the body when consumed. 

Broader leaf: Cannabis Indica

This variety of plant has
a highly relaxing and sleepy effect
when its compounds mixes with our blood.
Its strong sedative effect is highly favoured
among those suffering from cancer, pains, insomnia,
ADHD, bi-polar disorder, severe autism, epilepsy and
numerous other medical conditions which requires the patient
to be calm and relaxed.

It has the ability to heal even the most intense of physical pains.

The sedative characteristic of this strain of cannabis tends to make the user slightly lazier as their muscles are completely relaxed. And at higher doses, any sort of physical work can become a hercules task. However regular usage of the strain builds tolerance towards the effects of the plant. 

A Bushy Growth : Cannabis Indica


Sativa grows lean and tall.
When consumed, one experiences an energetic and a euphoric rush and clarity in the mind.

Thinner Leaves: Cannabis Sativa

This Strain of cannabis has an energetic effect
on the mind and body, which makes the user highly alert
of themselves and their surroundings. 

A Tall Lean Growth: Cannabis Sativa

Its uplifting properties kills fatigue and also has the ability to
heal mental disorders like depression. 

When one consumes a Sativa Strain,
it increases focus, promotes creativity, & boosts the imagination.

It also stimulates hunger,
making it useful for patients diagnosed with
some forms of cancer (usually due to the side effects of toxic cancer treatments).

Effects on the Mind 

Our brain is a chemical super computer.

Any sort of chemical imbalance will lead to disorientation
of the entire brain-body functions.

All the mental disorders are related to emotions and all the emotions
are related to certain chemicals that are produced in our brain.

Depression, anger, fear, worry, stress and happiness
are the outcomes of the chemical production in our brain. 

Stress is the root cause of most of our diseases.
When we take our Stress away,
our body can work at maximum efficiency. 

People who smoke cannabis regularly
are generally very healthy on the mind
as the cannabinoids neutralises and balances the emotions in our brain.
It brings peace, joy and a sense of conscious living.

Effects on the Body 

Using cannabis in any form will ensure that
all the medicinal compounds in the plant will
help our bodies to heal better and faster. 

The cannabinoids from the cannabis plant can
rejuvenate all the vital parts of the body.
All our diseases related to stress or age related
will come under control.
Any sort of toxic overload in the body or damages related to that will be healed faster as cannabinoids will push our body to function at its peak level.
Our bodies has these cannabinoid receptors
which when activated, makes it function better
and bring it into a balanced state.

And the only source for the cannabinoids to activate these receptors are found in the cannabis plant.
The oils extracted from the cannabis flowers are so powerful at healing that
many people have already cured themselves from
Cancer, HIV, Parkinson's, Epilepsy etc., 
and almost every other disease known to man.

Different Parts of the Plant and its Uses


The Hurd of the stalk can be used to make
animal beddings, mulch, fibre-boards, Insulation and
HempCrete (Organic Bio-Concrete which is made without the toxic cement) 

The fibres of the stalk provide raw material to produce hemp twine, ropes, netting, canvas, bio-composites, shoes, bags etc. 

The Stalk has the potential to substitute
construction materials and furnitures. 


The cannabis leaves are rich in some of the medicinal compounds.
It is one of the most important dietary supplement
as it activates certain functions in the body
which can prolong our good health. 

cannabis leaves are grind into paste to produce Bhaang

One of the oldest methods of using this medicinal plant was to consume its raw leaves.

Later, In Ayurveda, they started to churn these leaves,
boil it with milk to be taken orally
and also topically
to cure many kinds of pains. 

This traditional practice in india goes
by the famous drink called Bhaang, which is
celebrated nation wide during
Holi, Shiv Raathri, Raam Navami and any other auspicious time in order to bring
peace, joy and a sense of sharp clarity.  

A wide range of healthy cosmetics made from Cannabis

While Bhaang is celebrated occasionally,
the most common use is preparing hash for regular intake,
where the medicinal compounds are collected by rubbing it on the hands
and the collected medicine is smoked later
to relieve oneself from stress and pain.

The leaves can also be used to make
safe and healthy cosmetic products
and also medicinal creams that can be
applied on the skin and wounds. 

Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds contain nutritious polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) 80%.
The highest amount found within the plant kingdom.  

Hemp Whole Seeds / Hulled / Flour

No other single plant source provides complete protein in such an easily digestible form. 

Hemp seeds can be used both raw and for the oils they produce. 

The nut of the seed can be used in
breads, salads, granola/cereals, hemp milk/dairy products and protein powder.. 

Apart from the Nutritional values, hemp seeds can be pressed to produce oils which can substitute
fuel, lubricants, inks, varnishes, paints and cosmetics. 


Cannabis flower which is used to smoke or make medicines

Cannabis flower which is used to smoke or make medicines

The flower produces all the resins and essential compounds which makes this plant one of the most medicinal herbs known to man.

These compounds activate the endocannabinoid receptors in the human body which makes sure that
ones body and mind will remain in a balanced state. 

Archeological studies shows that Cannabis is
one of the first plants that humans started their agriculture upon.
And few researchers have discovered in ancient burial tombs that the habits of smoking the plants dates back to over 4500BC. 

Today, millions of humans have smoked the plant
and have rejuvenated their minds and bodies. 

Many of them believe that the cannabis flowers are also
the spiritual tonic of life, as its effects of concentration and relaxation
swirls oneself into the depths of mind and conscious living. 

A representation by artist Alex Grey on Cannabis and Spiritual Perspectives

A representation by artist Alex Grey on Cannabis and Spiritual Perspectives

These flowers are also called as Gaanja or Bhangi in India.
India has lost a cultural value with this plant because
most of them have been brainwashed that its a bad narcotic drug. 

But, the world is finally realising the true powers of these flowers,
which can cure any kind of diseases that we know of. 

Industrial Applications


Hemp hurd is the soft inner core of the hemp stem.
It is highly absorbent and rich in cellulose
which offers thermal and acoustic insulation. 

Hemp Hurd collected after harvesting

Hemp Fibreboard

It can be broken down into tiny pieces
which can be converted into Fibreboards.
*So all our fancy luxuries like
beds, cupboards, sofas, wooden chairs, tables and ply-boards on the walls
can be sourced from hemp hurds instead. 

The quality of these Hemp Fibreboards are stronger
and more durable and by adopting to this,
we can ensure that there is not a single tree cut
or our requirement of Wooden furniture.. 



We are cutting down trees and forests across the world to make paper from the pulp of the wood. 

It takes a tree upto 20 years to mature.
And just a few mins to be cut down. 

Deforestation to meet the global supply of wood

What is the alternative solution to cutting down millions of trees every year? 

Hemp hurds can be used to make paper. 

Hemp Paper

It doesn't require any chemical processing and can be recycled upto 7 times,
which is 2 times more than the wooden pulp paper. 

And most importantly, it takes just one acre of
hemp fields to produce enough paper which is
equivalent to 4 acres of forests,
in just 3 months
as compared to 240 months (20 years)
for the trees to mature. 


Hemp Textiles

Hemp Textiles

Hemp fibres are one of the
strongest fibres known to man. 

If it wasn't for these hemp ropes., no ship would have ever sailed and the world as we know it wouldn't be here today! 

These fibres have been used throughout our history to make twines, clothes and ropes. 

Its stronger than cotton, and it requires no chemicals to grow or process it, and the hemp textiles are durable, lasts longer and breathes better than the cotton alternative. 


HempCrete is a stronger, lighter and
more environmentally friendly version of concrete. 


Hemp Brick

Cement is the most fundamental thing in our modern life.
And it requires a lot of heat to produce it.. 

And to supply cement for a global demand.,
a lot of coal is being burnt which is adding huge
amounts of carbon emission into the atmosphere
which results in all the heat to be trapped inside the earth
which is driving the global warming levels upwards.. 

Cement is one of the largest polluting industry in the entire world.

HempCrete is the future of sustainable living.
It requires no heat to process or produce..
and its cheaper, lasts longer and safer on our environment. 


Fuel has become one of the most fundamental needs in our modern lives. 

Everybody needs fuel to run our transport units and homes. 

Air pollution due to fuel consumption

But these fuels that we are digging up are oil deposits of forests that existed millions of years ago.
These forests that existed before breathed in all the
carbon-dioxide and upon their death, they became
our carbon rich oil fields which the global energy
is feeding upon. 

So what we are doing now is we are using these crude oils and burning them to drive our needs.
By doing so, we are re-introducing millions of tonnes
of carbon back into the atmosphere,

Our carbon deposits has created a heat trap
within our atmosphere and hence the global warming! (duh!) 

So how can HempFuel help?
When we grow hemp to produce our fuels,
the plant will generate lots of oxygen
while sucking up all the carbon dioxide from our air
and we will be releasing that equal amount of carbon wen we burn them. 

The next crop is gonna suck in all the carbon-dioxide
that we burnt before and release oxygen again and this cycle continues forever. 

So the more hemp we grow, the more cleaner our air will get. 

Hemp Bio-Diesel

Hemp Bio-Diesel

Hemp produces the highest biomass per acre as compared to any other crop. 

Each acre of hemp produces upto 10 tonnes of biomass
every 4 months and the stalks of hemp can be converted into
4000 litres of Hemp Ethanol. 

And the seeds can also be pressed to produce upto 500 litres of bio-diesel
from every acre of land in a span of just 4 months.

Up until the Electric vehicles become a norm,
with Hemp Bio-degradable batteries that can replace
the current toxic lithium ion batteries
Bio-fuels are the fastest alternate to our current fuel needs.
And Hemp is the most efficient crop to
produce bio-fuel for the entire world. 

We can collectively act to protect the earth,
our only home;
or go on living like
our luxuries and comforts of today
matters the most.. 


All our current plastic needs are sourced from
the waste products of petroleum production. 

The problems with petroleum plastics are,
it is non-biodegradable,
minimally re-used
mainly disposed into the land fills. 

Petrochemical Plastic

Petrochemical Plastic

These petrochemical plastics
require a lot of chemical processing while producing
which poisons the water and soil at the area of production.
& when plastic is disposed into the earth.,
it disintegrate to micro particles
which gets mixed into our underground water. 

Petroleum plastics are highly carcinogenic
and can cause cancer and many other diseases. 

Plastics can also be made from plant cellulose
and Hemp is the richest cellulose crop in the entire plant kingdom. 

We can produce hemp plastic, which is
easier to recycle and also dispose back into the earth safely.
It doesn't require any chemical processing and
it is the safest alternative to our plastic madness. 

Hemp Plastic Bag

Hemp plastics are not just safe.
They are also super strong. 

Did u know that back in the 1940's itself,
Henry Ford produced a prototype car
where he added hemp cellulose into the shell of the car. 

And that car was pretty indestructible.
Oh, he ran it on Hemp fuel too.

Watch it for yourself..

Environmental Benefits

Our Massive needs of consumption
and our ignorance of where our products come from
and what happens if we continue to use them
has collectively put our ecology into a very dangerous situation.

GAIA, a representation of the current world situation by artist Alex Grey

By growing Hemp and using Hemp Products globally,
we can create a positive impact on
our environment, our health and the future of all life on earth.

We can stop cutting down trees and forests for our luxury.

We can use better fuels and energy sources,
which doesn’t add onto the massive carbon levels that is present today.

We can build better homes which doesn’t consume
too much energy to produce while creating a lot of toxic waste.
We can wear better clothes which doesn’t require
lots of chemicals to grow and lot more chemicals
to process the finished product.

using Hemp Graphene, we can create better batteries which
functions a lot better and least toxic to the ecology.

Hemp plastics can replace thousands of applications immediately.

We can create better cosmetics
which will bypass all animal testing
and is also extremely healthy and medicinal to the body.

We can create medicines which will help
ease the sufferings of billions of people around the world.

Hemp is the greatest gift of Nature for all of our needs.

To qoute, the legendary Jack Herer, 
"I don't know if hemp can save the world.
But i'll tell you this,
It's the only thing that can"

Walk the Spiritual Path

Connect to Nature
Become a Better Human and Create a Sane Society
Let the herb reveal you to yourself