GLM Legalisation Anthem for the month of May 2017

[97 / 365]

Humans are the only species on Earth
who consumes milk Post-Infancy. 

Thats very very weird, abnormal and unnatural to say the least. 
And the worst part being that we lock up the cows thru their life and treat them so badly which induces a lot of suffering
in billions of cows across the world. 

We, Humans, inject them with growth hormones and bad unnatural foods to get more milk from each cow. 

Stop this madness. 
Make Milk from Seeds instead. 

And there is no other seed which is more nutritious than HEMP. 

Thanks to Mobius Loop for writing an awesong song. 

Don't just share their song. 
Share their vision too. 
Stop consuming Dairy and feed on Hemp Instead.