India demands for Legalisation

[#3 / 365]

We are living in a world where laws are mended for corporate greed and
basic rights of a citizen of a nation is violated due to foreign policing. 

While the american government, which was mostly responsible
for brainwashing its own citizens and also
hundreds of countries around the world that
cannabis is a bad narcotic drug; is now making
headlines around the world for repealing its own laws
against prohibition on the state level.
It looks like a 75 year old war against drugs and
and an unconstitutional behaviour towards its own citizens
is finally about to rest.

The only reason why it ever happened was
because of its unspoken efforts of
hundreds and thousands of activists who took it down to the streets,
creating a peaceful revolution for decades
across the nation demanding its government
to legalise hemp and cannabis for
their freedom, liberty, medical uses, a green industrial revolution
and for a better world. 

Decades of legalisation movement in america, finally freed the cannabis plant..

The gaanja situation in India, has taken
unusual twists of events over the millennia. 

Our Rishis and Munis used it.
(They didn't slack)
They wrote the magnificent Vedas
to which the modern science is still unable to catch up with. 

Our Vydyas of the past used it in medicines
(no one was harmed, ever)
They described its miraculous properties in the holy Ayurveda.
They were curing almost all the diseases
to which the modern science still doesn't have the answers to. 

And in this dying world,
where injustice is creeping into our lives along with
all the bad products that we are limited to consume; 
a few brave indians have decided to stand up
against the prohibition and
have begun to bring hope back into your lives. 

They are seeking for a better health care system. 
They are seeking for a green industrial revolution.

They are questioning their basic rights to survive
by demanding hemp based industries and products
which can result in a toxic free environment. 

Hundreds of people from around the country demands
for a full legalisation to make this a better place to live in. 

This might just be the beginning of something beautiful. 

To re-introduce and unlock our
ancient culture,
medical practice,
spiritual freedom
and to establish a SWACHH BHAARATH
by setting up HEMP Industries instead to support
the basic needs of every indian citizen. 

Almost 31 years since it was first prohibited,
The young and a brave India
has finally taken its first steps to
Demand for a Legalisation! 

Our sincere request to all the citizens to

Participate in our

Let your voice rewrite the future that you wish to live in..