Prohibition of Cannabis has Diluted 3 medical systems in India

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In the year 1961, United Nations Organised a treaty
'Single Convention on Narcotics Drugs'
and its message to over 185 countries
from around the world, was very clear.

(along with many other compounds and substances,
which held great therapeutical values even at that time.
Like Psilocybin, LSD, MDMA and DMT,
which were all later controlled and prohibited)

There was a rise of unquestionable power who took the authority to
prohibit valuable & safe therapeutical medicines
and mixing them in the same list of
lethal and toxic chemicals or substances.

This combined with bad journalism gave a lot of bad name
to many of these super medicines all over the world.

Little did the world know at that time,
the games that was played by the United Nations
on the masses of the world. 

In both, 1961 and 1971, the India Govt did
not respond to the Treaty immediately
and did not conduct an immediate ban on these drugs.

However, in 1985, cannabis was forcefully prohibited in the country,
for the very first time and
India lost a wonderful medical plant
which destroyed its cultural values in 3 of its ancient medical systems. 

Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani.

And today, Cannabis, also known as Bhaang and Gaanja in india,
takes its own place in a controlled substances list
under these ancient medical systems.

What a shame to lock away the most important medicine which
can cure hundreds of diseases and save billions of lives and
be branded as a Poisonous Substance! 

See it yourself...

Our current conventional medicine as shifted far away
from our Ancient ways of healing to Big Pharma's toxic chemicals.

These days, people across the world has proven that
Cannabis can cure and control hundreds of conditions like
Acute and Chronic Pain,
Multiple Sclerosis,
Chron’s disease,
Muscular and Neurological Disorder,
Mental disorders,
Blood Pressure,
Thyroid disorders,
Lung Infections,
Skin Conditions,
Cardiac Disorders,

Prohibiting an ancient medicinal plant has weakened our medical systems
and furthermore caused innumerable patients to suffer more,
 from horrible conditions which can be easily cured by this plant extract. 

Let's hope that we bring the plant back into the society
and help everyone to have access to
the most fundamental medicine of Human Life!